Police Fine Airline for Mistreatment of Dogs at Chicago Airport

Police said one dog died and 17 others were left without food or water at a Chicago airport after a paperwork issue delayed their release last week.

According to CBS Chicago, police reported finding one dog dead and 17 others without food or water after they arrive at O’Hare International Airport from Amman, Jordan, over the weekend.

The animals were left in a warehouse without proper care due to a lack of proper vaccination documents.

The airline cargo handling service found responsible for the mistreatment of the dogs was issued two citations, one for cruelty to animals and one for neglect. The company has denied the allegations, though, claiming it has receipts for emergency pet supplies to prove its claim.

In a similar story, Staci Yates had purchased a black lab bred in Russia that was to be sent to her home, but when the cargo plane landed at O’Hare on August 9, the animals were left in a kennel for at least two days due to coronavirus-related issues.

“Something needs to be done, this is ridiculous. These animals don’t deserve that,” Yates told CBS. “He was laying in his own feces, and had obviously been in it for quite some time.”

Last month, Dubai became the first city to officially employ the talents of police dogs in curbing the coronavirus’ continued spread—a method that other countries are still in the process of studying.

In addition, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced last week that Kajla, a five-year-old Vizsla and explosive detection canine at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu, won the TSA’s 2020 Cutest Canine Contest.

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