Malaysia Airlines flight makes emergency landing after medical incident on board

A Malaysian Airlines flight bound for Melbourne, Australia, became hectic on Monday when it had to make an emergency landing due to a medical issue on board.

The flight, MH149, from Kuala Lumpur detoured to Perth after the medical emergency occurred, according to Australia’s Nine News. A video taken by a passenger showed several paramedics and security guards crowded into the aisle of the aircraft.

A spokesperson for Perth Airport told the plane had a safe landing at 4:04 a.m. local time. Flight records show it took off from Perth about two hours later and continued on to Melbourne as planned.

Malaysian Airlines had a similar emergency landing earlier this year. In April, MH122 was headed for Sydney after leaving Kuala Lumpur when the plane started vibrating. The plane eventually safely landed in Alice Springs – three hours from its intended destination. 

The airline has been marred in controversy since the disappearance of Flight 370 on March 8, 2014. The plane was carrying 239 people when it vanished. Pieces from the plane washed up on beaches in the Indian Ocean and Africa, but the main wreckage has yet to be found. 

Later that year, in July, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down while flying over eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 people aboard.


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