Lufthansa will accept vaccination QR codes for flight check-in

Lufthansa will now accept a digital proof of vaccination from passengers, eliminating the needs for travelers to show printed vaccine certificates and reducing the chance a certificate is fraudulent.

In Germany, vaccinated individuals now receive a QR code as proof of vaccination.

Lufthansa will allow travelers to show that QR code, either on their phone or on a printout, when checking in at the airport. When the code is scanned, the system compares the data in the certificate to the booking and passenger data and then issues a boarding pass.

The airline says it will soon be possible to scan QR vaccination certificates with the Lufthansa app or to load them digitally into the app. Once the app recognizes the code, the boarding pass is issued.

For travelers who don’t want to wait until they get to the airport to confirm they have the correct credentials, Lufthansa says they can have their proof of tests and vaccinations verified at Lufthansa Service Center on select flights up to 72 hours before departure.

Source: PhocusWire

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