Portugal holiday warning: ‘Worrying’ earthquakes in the Azores – avoid travel

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Since March 19, more than 1,800 earthquakes have been recorded on the island of São Jorge in the Azores. Over 100 were felt by the population of the Portuguese island.

The Government has updated its travel advice for Portugal in light of the seismic activity on São Jorge.

It said: “The Portuguese Civil Protection authorities in the Azores have been monitoring an increase in seismic activity on the island of São Jorge since March 19.

“As a precaution, they have now activated their earthquake prevention plan and have advised against all but essential travel to the island.

“Anyone who is already on the island of São Jorge is asked to avoid the areas of flat terrain, known locally as Fajãs, at the foot of the cliffs overlooking the sea in the Velas municipality.”

The President of the Azores Government, José Manuel Boleiro said that the situation was “worrying”.

Boleiro said: “There is, for now, no record of elevation of the magma blanket. But between the facts and the projectable scenarios, we have to strike a balance.

“It is a worrying situation, as the entire epicentre of these earthquakes is one the island, not in the sea.

“What is worrying is that (the earthquakes) are in the tectonic mass of the island itself.”

He added: “I am anxious, like any Azorean, with the seismic situation that is being experienced on the island of São Jorge.”

The regional Government is preparing for a worst case scenario, where they may have to evacuate people from the island.

Clélio Meneses, the regional health secretary, said: “We are taking care of this problem with the best technicians so that, if necessary, we have the answer ready to intervene.

“This response has a nature in terms of the need for evacuations and health care and all this is being prepared but our hope is that it will not be necessary.”

He added that there was no evidence there was volcanic activity on the island but said people needed to be prepared.

Portugal’s Prime Minister is in contact with the Azores and said any help necessary was available.

The Azores islands form an archipelago in the Atlantic ocean with stunning green pastures and charming fishing villages.

The nine islands are volcanic but some have no recorded activity since the islands were settled centuries ago.

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São Jorge last experienced eruptions in 1580 and 1808. Both are said to have caused casualties but there is no reliable account from the time available.

In 2021, a volcanic eruption on the Canary island, La Palma, caused widespread destruction and ruined over 1,000 homes.

Residents and tourists had to be evacuated and some have yet to be able to return to the island.

The Cumbre Vieja eruption lasted for over two months, coming to an end before Christmas.

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