Breeze Airways will fly from Provo, Utah: Travel Weekly

Discount airline Breeze will launch three routes from Provo, Utah, later this year.

The routes will be the first to touch the carrier’s home state. Breeze’s corporate headquarters are in Salt Lake City.

Breeze will fly daily between Provo and San Francisco beginning Aug. 4. Daily service from Provo to Las Vegas will begin Oct. 5. Daily flights from Provo to Los Angeles will follow on Nov. 2.

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The airline is already marketing one-stop service from Provo to San Bernadino, Calif., via San Francisco beginning Aug. 4 and one-stop service between Provo and Westchester airport in the New York area starting Oct. 5. Westchester flights will go via Las Vegas eastbound and via either Las Vegas or Los Angeles on return.

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