Air Jamaica Flight Performs Emergency Landing After Hydraulic Failure

A Fly Jamaica flight had to make an emergency landing yesterday in Guyana after experiencing hydraulic failure.

It had departed from Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) bound for Toronto when it began to experience technical difficulties.

Whoa! An Air Jamaica flight enroute to Toronto declared an emergency shortly after take-off with hydraulic failure.

The flight turned around and performed an emergency landing at 2:53 a.m. at CJIA airport.

The Boeing 757 had 126 people on board including the crew. While no injuries were life-threatening, 10 people were taken to a local hospital for an assortment of minor injuries.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Shamdeo Persaud told Caribbean 360, “So far, we have five persons who are under investigation further for spinal injuries…They are having further X-rays and so on done.”

“They weren’t any direct injuries associated with the plane [crashing]; at this point, nothing life-threatening, although we still will look to the results, especially with the persons with spinal injuries. You understand these are some of the expected kinds of injuries when you use a slide to get off of the airplane.”

Other passengers were taken to a holding facility and arrangements are being made for them to board another flight today.

Authorities from the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority are investigating the incident. With the recent Lion Air crash that involved a Boeing 737 MAX 8, BBC News reported that Boeing is also looking into what happened with the Fly Jamaica flight, too.

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