Top 11 places to visit in the Andamans

One of the reasons people love the Andaman Islands is that it is not just another beach destination. It has some interesting historical sites, natural wonders and activities that the whole family can enjoy. With something for everyone, these islands are growing in popularity each year and have several thousands of people visiting them. If you have an opportunity to visit these beautiful islands, here are the 11 places you shouldn’t miss in your itinerary:

1. The best beach in Asia

Often cited as the best beach in Asia and 7th best in the world, Havelock’s Beach No. 7 or Radhanagar beach is the most popular destination in the Andamans. The pristine white sand beach with clear blue waters is thronged by tourists. The beauty is that you are still likely to find your own quite spot and enjoy the sunset. The restaurants by the beach side are quite nice too, so do check them out.

2. Ross and Smith Islands

These twin islands of Andaman are connected by a narrow strip of a golden sand bar that is visible only during low tides. When the sand bar is visible you can go walking from one island to the other with the blue sea gently caressing you on both sides. It’s quite an experience you shouldn’t miss it!

3. Elephant Beach

Shallow clear waters, amazing coral viewing experience and banana boat rides await you at Elephant beach. Elephant beach is known for its underwater adventure activities. If you want to try out snorkelling or scuba diving in the Andaman Islands, this is a great place to get started

4. Mud volcano

Its a sight you won’t catch anywhere else in India. It’s also the closest you’ll get to a ‘volcano’, albeit a harmless one. The mud volcanoes in the Andamans are found in Baratang. Formed by the emission of hydrocarbon gases like methane, the mud is pushed upwards, gradually forming a miniature volcano.

5. Limestone caves

Nested deep within the mangroves of Andaman, the limestone caves are lined up with stalactites and stalagmites that are said to be millions of years old. Don’t miss the edible nest swiftlet when you are here. The bird makes its next out of its own saliva. The species is unfortunately endangered now so you’ll be get a glimpse of one when you are there.

6. The Howrah Bridge

The natural stone formation at Neil Island is called the Howrah Bridge of Andaman. It is one of the most popular photo spots of the Andamans. The area is also called the vegetable bowl of the Andaman Islands because of the farming that happens around it.

7. Mount Harriet

Rich in flora and fauna, Mount Harriet is the third tallest peak in the in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago. The picture on India’s 20 rupee note is the view that is seen from Mount Harriet.

8. MG Marine Park

The MG Marine Park covers almost 20 islands of the Andamans of which islands like Jolly Buoy and Red Skin are amongst the most popular islands. Both of these islands are well-known for their underwater activities. You can also check about heading to the lesser known islands in the park which will give you a feeling of having the entire beach to yourself.

9. Samudrika Museum

This naval marine museum is run by the Indian Navy. It showcases the history, geography, people, archaeology and marine life of Andaman.

10. Ross Island

Standing engulfed in history, Ross Island’s sights will leave you mesmerized. The ancient townships which were homes to the earlier rulers of India are now dilapidated and engulfed by a fantastic root work by trees. It feels like nature has taken back what rightfully belonged to it.

11. Cellular Jail

Witness to the famous freedom struggle of India, the jail stands witness to the atrocities of its time. It’ll make one wonder about the cost of freedom that we enjoy without a thought today. The Sound and Light Show in the evening at the jail shouldn’t be missed.

Are you planning to visit the Andaman Islands any time soon?

Rathnam Rathnasamy is the Founder of Andaman Holidays.

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