UK Residents Can Now Make a First-class British Airways Meal at Home With This New Cooking Kit

British Airways first class meal

Missing those fancy meals in first class? British Airways is here to help.

In March, British Airways announced a new partnership with Feast Box and DO & CO to bring the first-class dining experience into homes with limited-edition, cook-at-home meal kits.

"We hope that this exclusive First experience will allow our customers who are missing flying to enjoy an amazing dining experience at home," Hamish McVey, head of brands and marketing at British Airways said in a statement. "British Airways, Feast Box, and DO & CO take huge pride in offering top quality international cuisine, and although it might appear a little different being delivered to a customer's door rather than at 38,000 feet, we hope it will be just as exciting."

According to the airline, each meal kit includes a four-course menu inspired by the food served in British Airways' first-class cabin. Customers can choose between a vegetarian, fish, and meat meal for their kit. They will then receive all the ingredients necessary to cook the meal at home, along with a recipe sheet and information card.

"Food is a wonderful way to explore the world and helps to shape our fondest memories," Jyoti Patel, founder and CEO of Feast Box, added. "Offering people the chance to travel the world through food is at the core of everything we do, so working with British Airways on this First experience has helped to bring Feast Box to life in a very special way."

The meal kits start at £80 ($110) and serves two people. The kits are available to order now, but only for people in the United Kingdom. And, as a little bonus, Feast Box is gifting everyone who orders one of the boxes a complimentary box from its regular internationally inspired menu. Customers will also receive a voucher for 10% off a British Airways flight. See more about the kits and order here.

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