Where are the best spots for spectacular fall foliage in New York in 2018?

Wondering where to see the most spectacular fall foliage in 2018?

Head to the Adirondacks, said Taryn Bauerle, Cornell University associate professor of plant science.

And indeed, the first signs of color began appearing in the Adirondacks Sept. 12, according to observers for the Empire State Development Division of Tourism’s I Love New York program, with a 10 percent change evident already in the Thousand Island-Seaway region.

“There will be a difference in leaf color across the state this year, but the Adirondacks should be the most spectacular, with lots of reds and purples,” predicted Bauerle,  whose research focuses on how plants communicate water stress.

As for the rest of  New York state?

The colors of the 2018 fall foliage season will be delayed and less vibrant.

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