Various Destination Tourism Campaigns Promise to 'Wait for You'

With the coronavirus outbreak came travel bans and stay-at-home orders that have made even travel between states difficult. While several popular U.S. tourist destinations are eager to resume business, others have launched new tourism campaigns to remind future travelers that they will still be here once the pandemic ends.

Travel Alaska posted a video earlier this month to promise travelers that, even though the shots of stunning glaciers and majestic mountains can give them a serious case of cabin fever, “Alaska will wait, for you.”

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania’s website encourages folks to enjoy the state from their own homes: “Pennsylvania artists, horticulturists, chefs, re-enactors, outdoorsmen, and musicians want to welcome you into their homes,” reads a statement. “While we can’t do that literally, you can join us online for virtual visits.”

According to USA Today, New Jersey is also planning to provide self-isolators with virtual experiences. Additionally, the only states without explicit stay-at-home encouragement are Louisiana and Missouri.

These campaigns are not just limited to states, however. The homepage of San Diego’s website has promised “We’ll keep San Diego warm for you,” and, despite some calls for reopening, Las Vegas’ tourism website assures that “The only thing that matters to us … is YOU.”

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