International Market Place debuts audio cultural tour

Visitors to the International Market Place can now participate in an audio cultural tour around the center through the TravelStorys audio app. Available for download on iOS and Android, the app shares music and stories about the rich history of the area.

“The cultural tour is a vital part of our mission to perpetuate and protect our culture and malama Hawaii,” Malia Zannoni, marketing and sponsorship director of the International Market Place, said in a press release. “As a person of Hawaiian ancestry, it’s a source of pride to be able to share our history in this special way and to help our guests build a deeper sense of connection with the land under their feet.”

There are 20 locations around the Market Place that are geotagged in the app. They cover people, places and cultural practices. Topics include the legendary International Market Place Performer Don Ho and the life of Queen Emma.

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