How to choose the right inflight comfort items, approved by CASA ·

How to choose the right inflight comfort items, approved by CASA

A flurry of in-flight comfort devices are infiltrating the Australian market. But which ones do the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) actually approve?

Plane Pal™, the world’s number one selling travel pillow; sold in 13 countries and endorsed by over 40 airlines meets all current CASA guidelines, including mandatory features such as: rapid release valves for 3-second deflation, sacrificial seams to restrict devices exploding and no obstruction to other passengers (when used with window seats).

In the last 30 years passenger legroom has decreased by as much as 12.7cm. By the same token, the cost of air travel has also decreased, leading to a rise in family getaways. But keeping babies and young passengers comfortable in a confined space is not an easy feat. As such, the demand for in-flight comfort devices (for both adults and children) is steadily growing.

CASA, the national authority for civil aviation have recently released a Cabin Safety Bulletin; “Managing Passenger Comfort Devices”(available on the website). Recommendations from CASA guide airlines on the latest safety standards.

While the CASA safety regulations are intrinsically specific, airlines develop their own criteria, which may differ significantly from one carrier to another.

Plane Pal™ Director Sam Cardone who works closely with IATA (International Air Transport Association) and major Australian airlines, says “We welcome CASA’s recent safety clarifications for in-flight comfort items. There are unfortunately many inferior products on the market not developed with strict research. It’s crucial consumers as well as airlines have accurate information to ensure passenger safety always comes first.”

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