Annual State Dinners have commenced ·

Magellan Travel: Annual State Dinners have commenced

Last week on Tuesday night, Magellan Travel kicked off their Annual State Dinners at Vue De Monde in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. Later that week, the roadshow continued in Perth where local members attended Fraser’s restaurant in Perth’s iconic King’s Park. With over 70 people in attendance collectively, both evenings were filled with great company, delicious food and memorable conversations. The dinners will continue on the east coast this week in Sydney and Brisbane.

In his address to the members in Melbourne and Perth, General Manager, Andrew Macfarlane shared the 3 key focuses of business being; Commercial, Member Benefits and Marketing, whilst also reviewing current member tracking of utilised resources and head office movements. In Melbourne, Helloworld Travel Limited CEO and MD, Andrew Burnes and Executive Director, Cinzia Burnes also addressed the group.

Commenting on the State Dinners, Macfarlane said “the travel industry moves too fast for us to come together only once a year at our annual conference.” He went on to say that “in keeping with our model and our core values, we place considerable importance on facilitating events such as these.”

About Magellan Travel

Magellan Travel is Australia’s premier Travel Group for high-performance, independent-branded agencies. It currently comprises 123 high-end leisure and boutique corporate travel agents.

Magellan Travel has been recognized as the Best Non-Branded Travel Agency Group at the National Travel Industry Awards in 2015 and 2017. Magellan Travel is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.


Magellan Travel is a retail business of Helloworld Travel Limited.

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