STUBA sets the scene in Switzerland ·

Stuba sets the scene in Switzerland !

Stuba sets the scene in Switzerland !

Switzerland has not taken part in a conflict since 1815, and is known for its independence and neutrality. Heavily involved with UN peacekeeping, Switzerland didn’t even become a member of the UN until 2002.

When we picture Switzerland, we think of snow and chocolate…well, some of us do. Maybe some bankers as well.

Switzerland takes influence from 3 of Europe most famous and distinctive cultures: Germany, France, and Italy. Infact, you’ll see many street signs in multiple languages.

Public transport is excellent, and discounts are available with most folk paying 50% off the listed rates. You’ll need this discount; Switzerland is pricey. Save your beans, because even small non luxury items will cost you.

But Switzerland is amazingly beautiful and provides some of the best food going:

Chocolate: Either Belgium or Switzerland generally claim to have the best. In Zurich, try Teuscher and Sprungli, but even the supermarket fare (such as Frey) is delicious.  Pamaco Chololates are expensive but superb. Don’t miss the Lindt factory store in Kilchberg.

Cheese: The range of offer with differ by region, and the local cheeses, are very regional. Delicious Gruyere and Emmentaler are popular, and as with chocolate, even supermarket brands are great. Buy a fondue set and get stuck into it.

As for mementos or gifts for folks back home, you cant go past a cow bell, Swiss army knife, Swiss watch, or of course a Cuckoo Clock. For those friends not so dear, maybe a block of superb chocolate.

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