Yachties guide to sailing The Americas ·

Yachties guide to sailing The Americas

The Americas is a place where you won’t dream of paradise, but you’ll be in it. Set sail for the peaceful oceans around Abacos, the foot-print free beaches of Exumas, or the geological wonders and Mayan ruins of Belize aboard a private charter with premier yacht company, The Moorings.

Abacos Yacht Charter
The Abacos offeres 120-miles of sweeping panoramic views, secret bays and coves, and boating bliss. The consistently warm winds and easy sailing waters make The Abacos one of the top sailing areas in the Bahamas. Visit Great Albaco Island for picturesque colonial towns, play golf on Treasure Cay, enjoy a Sunday BBQ on top of a sand dune on Guana Cay, dine and shop on Green Turtle Cay, and snorkel, swim and dive around Elbow Cay and Little Harbour. Sail to paradise with The Moorings, head for The Albacos.

Abacos Yacht Charter | The Moorings | 7-Nights | From AUD$4,900

Exumas Yacht Charter
With an island or cay for everyday of the year (365), Exumas offers the ultimate tropical escape. Be enraptured by the sapphire-blue waters, flawless coastlines, and diverse marine life. This stretch of the Bahamas is a playground for the rich and famous, giving more reason to charter your holiday course straight for Exumas. Discover the secrets of Exumas, both under and above water. Wander along the ‘Mile-long Sandbar’ of pure white sand, kayak and snorkel around Horseshoe Bay, see the iconic swimming pigs on Big Major’s Cay, dive to see the Stromtolites – the oldest known macro fossils on earth, and enjoy the vibrant ecosystem and diverse marine life around Warderick Wells Cay and Shroud Cay. To truly appreciate all Exumas has to offer, set sail with The Moorings.

Exumas Yacht Charter | The Moorings | 7-Nights | From AUD$5,967

Belize Yacht Charter
Leave the crowds behind and head to Belize for snorkelling, scuba diving, and some of the best charter conditions in the Caribbean. Despite being a small country, Belize has a lot to give especially when it comes to reef. In fact, the Mesoamerican Reef is only surpassed in size by Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. If ever there was a destination to don your dive gear, it’s Belize. Head to South Water Caye for some of the regions’ best snorkelling and diving, sail to the edge of the South Water Marine Reserve in the Coco Plum Range, experience the luxurious spa menu at Hatchet Caye Resort, discover Mayan ruins, and watch the sunset from the shores of the idyllic Placencia Harbour. A myriad of natural wonders, marine preserves and excellent sailing conditions awaits on your sailing journey of Belize.

Belize Yacht Charter | The Moorings | 7-Nights | From AUD$3,306

The Moorings are experts at discovering hidden gems in prime sailing destinations. The Americas offers exceptional chartering conditions and an abundance of natural beauty. From the Bahamas to Belize, get to know the beauty of The Americas on board a private yacht charter. With over 50 years of experience on the water, The Moorings offer unparalleled knowledge and expertise, refined service, and dedication to creating the perfect sailing holiday.

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