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Enjoy an authentic safari experience at Sanctuary Kichakani Serengeti Camp

A vast and sparsely populated country with epic topography, Tanzania is a wilderness extravaganza, which also happens to host one of the greatest wildlife experiences on Earth – the Great Migration.

As an African safari traveller, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen the Great Migration. Each year the endless plains of East Africa bear witness to this epic sight, as millions of wildebeest and zebra make their way around the Masai Mara and Serengeti – a never-ending journey of over 1,800 miles in constant pursuit of life-giving rains and greener pastures.

Tanzania’s beautiful Serengeti National Park offers up ringside seats to the famous spectacle. The name Serengeti comes from the Masai word for ‘endless plains’, and it is entirely apposite – with its rolling, endless landscapes, covering around 5,700 square miles of grassland plains, savannah as well as forest and woodlands, it’s the perfect setting for uninterrupted wildlife viewing year round.

Sanctuary Kichakani Serengeti Camp provides the perfect opportunity to experience the Great Migration in the Serengeti. Launching just over a year ago, this extraordinary escape moves across three set locations across the Serengeti, offering guests an unrivalled, front row experience of the movement of a million-plus wildebeest and zebra as they follow the fresh grasses across the Serengeti plains during the annual migration season.

An elegant and contemporary take on the classic camp style, its ten luxury tents, are packed up and moved along in a style evocative of the pioneering explorers of the 19th century, but with all modern comforts. Handcrafted luggage, easy chairs and characterful cabinets and desks, have all been designed to be perfectly portable. Each tent has a personal attendant and a private wooden deck on which to enjoy a just-brewed cup of Tanzania’s finest coffee, while en suite bathrooms feature authentic bucket showers. And for more energetic guests, gym and yoga kits are provided for workouts in the natural and peaceful surroundings.

The Camp’s three set locations throughout the year are based on the migration path, offering wildlife viewing from open plains, sweeping grasslands and rocky kopjes. Of course the stars of this seasonal path are wildebeest, zebra, Thomson’s gazelles, and the predators that this migratory journey attracts – the Serengeti is known for having the Big Five. But cheetahs are also a highlight, along with wild dog, giraffe, waterbuck and impala.

Sanctuary Kichakani Serengeti Camp is located in Southern Serengeti from now until 31 March 2019 and from 30 November 2019 until 5 January 2020), moving to the Northern Serengeti from 1 June 2019 until 14 November 2019.

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