Behind the scenes with mountain gorillas ·

Behind the scenes with mountain gorillas

In conjunction with World Gorilla Day on 24th September, boutique tour operator, Crooked Compass is encouraging travellers to experience gorillas differently to assist in the movement of protecting them. At Crooked Compass, a gorilla experience is not about seeing these primates in the wild and snapping a selfie with a silver back seven metres behind you. It is about educating travellers around the bigger picture of conservation.

Crooked Compass provides travellers the opportunity to go behind the scenes and enter the world of the Gorilla Doctors, founded by Dian Fossey. The exclusive experience to spend time with these larger than life humans is a rare opportunity. The Gorilla Doctors search the jungle daily for failed poaching attempts, sick and injured gorillas with the focus to rehabilitate and re-release them.

“Conservation exists because there a negative issue that needs to be addressed and it is important travellers understand both sides of conservation for a movement to truly take place,” states Crooked Compass Founder, Lisa Pagotto. “The Gorilla doctors have terrifying stories of being held at gun point by poachers through to incredible re-release stories and seeing rehabilitated gorillas succeed in breeding.”

On top of this extraordinary experience, travellers will also spend time with the villagers from Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village, a village which used to be a poaching village where the locals have now been re-educated and rehabilitated in the importance of gorilla conservation and now run their own successful sustainable tourism business which Crooked Compass supports.

Crooked Compass Remarkable Rwanda 11 day journey, houses conservation and sustainability at its core, offering life-altering and perspective-shifting experiences.

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