Celebrating the Beige in Travel ·

Celebrating the Beige in Travel

Travel agents need more “beige” from their wholesalers

The travel industry is exciting, inspiring, aspirational, sexy… built on narrative and dreams. But there is only one place that we need to have the sexy; the interface between travel agents and their customers. Everything else needs to support this , including wholesalers?

“But Mark, you need to woo the agents with offers and discounts and talk of specials and schemes and….”

… but that time of excess has passed. It’s online, margins are low, people are working harder, in a significantly more competitive and less regulated global arena. Gone are the days of 30% margins.  Agents want good products with great pricing that they can make money off. Want?  NEED!!  They also want giveaways, the fancy experience. Guess what? If it’s a cost of business, and you’re doing business with a wholesaler, then ultimately you are paying for it in each and every transaction. It’s common sense.

The past couple of years agents have been hurt by numerous wholesalers going broke. There’s similarities, locally and globally, when you look at the companies who’ve gone, or are about to go.  They were flashy, some even sponsored racing teams , celebrated the purchase of their new super luxury SUV’s. Focus was lost from fundamentals. Then logos were removed last minute from functions. Accreditation was lost. Stop sell’s were issued. Staff got nasty on glassdoor.  Rumours swirled, swirled, consolidated, buffetted.

And then they were gone.

Travel agents “want” the glitter, but what they need is more beige.  Our internal focus at STUBA includes fundamentals,  reliability, internal knowledge management, solid customer service, fast refunds, accreditation, system speed, disaster recovery plans, redundancy and replicated performance.

Let’s make it relevant. It’s a 2008 Honda Accord or Toyota Camry. It’s Hush Puppies or your ugg boots. It’s your favourite pair of trackie dacks. It’s a cup of tea in a stained mug . The one you take home to the parents . It’s as boring as batshit. It’s so “beige” it hurts to talk about it.

But it’s what you rely on. It’s what is there for you every day. You can build on it.   At times agents need to choose; do they want fancy or reliable?  Hate to say it, but there’s a good reason why Toyota sell so many cars.  Because they just work.  Not many Camry owners get proprositioned as a result.

That’s why STUBA is celebrating “making beige shine”. Because in 2020, that’s what travel agents need from their wholesalers.

Agents can apply the glitter .



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