Walking in our winter wonderland ·

Walking in our winter wonderland

1. Pineapple Rail Trail (Capricorn Coast)

An increasingly popular track for walkers, the Pineapple Rail Trail, which opened in 2014, takes its visitors through picturesque bushlands and urban landscape on this 4 ½ kilometre adventure. The railway line was constructed back in 1909 and originally stretched 53 kilometres between Yeppoon and Rockhampton. The track was closed down in 2006 when it’s main loading of pineapples moved to road transport. Starting on Braithwaite Street in Yeppoon’s town centre, the trail is a family friendly asphalt path that is safe for young bush walkers, bike/scooter riders with little legs!

2. Lammermoor Shared Path (Capricorn Coast)

The Lammermoor shared path is part of a growing shared path principal network that will eventually link either end of the Capricorn Coast, supporting healthy lifestyle and recreation for cyclists and pedestrians travelling along Scenic Highway in the vicinity of Lammermoor Beach. The path design seamlessly follows the natural coastline, creating more recreational opportunities and important connectivity for pathway users. Feel the wind in your hair and salt on your lips as you enjoy a relaxing stroll, energetic run or bike ride along the waters’ edge.

3. Bluff Point Circuit (Capricorn Coast)

Enjoy stunning views of the Capricorn coastline and the Keppel Bay islands on the Bluff Point 2.3 kilometre circuit. Start by climbing the steep 600 metres to Turtle Lookout and be rewarded for your efforts at the top with a glimpse of turtles swimming in the water beneath you.  Continue further a short distance to Ritamada Lookout, take in the beauty of your view and then continue along the track through the open grassland, sneaking views of the hinterland and dense rainforest before you return from where you started.

4. Double Head Track (Capricorn Coast)

With glorious views of Rosslyn Bay Harbour, the Keppel Bay islands and the Byfield Ranges – it would be a good idea to pack your camera for this walk. Located in the Double Head section of the Capricorn Coast National Park, this trail is sometimes called the Fan Rock Track or Rosslyn Bay Lookout track by locals. The walk will take you past magnificent fig trees and then through scrub and open grasslands. Fan Rock is one of the highlights – a remnant of an old volcano. Double Head Trackis considered a moderate grade. It’s a steep hike that will take about 40 minutes to complete.

5. Queen Mary Track (Capricorn Coast)

For something a little more challenging, set aside some time to witness the majestic Queen Mary Track. Located at the southern end of Nine Mile Beach in Byfield National Park, walk through this ‘moonscape’ to see the power of Mother Nature at work among the shifting sands. The Queen Mary Track, which offers spectacular coastal scenery and an endless stretch of rolling sand dunes brings you to the largest active sand bowl in the region, which is likened to the surface of the moon. Allow yourself two hours to complete this 4 kilometre moderate grade track.

6. Byfield Rainforest (Byfield)

Venusta (900 metres return), Stony Creek Circuit (4.3 kilometres return) and Bowenia Rainforest Circuit at Water Park Creek (1.2 kilometres return) weaves their way throughout Byfield Rainforest and offer a wide range of walking opportunities for beginners and experienced walkers. Exploring all of the beauties that this wonderful landscape have to offer, be sure to keep an eye out for fabulous flora including the Byfield Grevillea and Bowenia Serrulata (Byfield Fern). The stunning eucalypt forest and bush groundcover leads to natural freshwater creeks where you can dip your feet and take a moment to become one with nature.

7. Blackdown Tableland (Sandstone Wilderness)

Blackdown Tableland National Park is full of rainforest gullies, scenic waterfalls rock pools and ancient aboriginal rock art. Walking is the most popular thing to do in Blackdown and plentiful walking tracks take you to the park’s heritage sites, creeks and through a variety of plant communities. There are many lookouts where you can hone your selfie skills and take in stunning views. From 200 metre strolls to 4 kilometre options, there is something for everyone in this picturesque National Park. Please note that there are a number of cliff faces along some of the walking tracks that are sheer and may have crumbly edges. It is important to research the tracks at Blackdown Tableland prior to your journey.

8. Mount Archer (Rockhampton)

Not only does the scenic Mount Archer provide a beautiful backdrop to Rockhampton, it is also engrained with incised valleys, dry rainforests and fleeting glimpses of delightful forest inhabitants. With walks from 500 metres to 14 kilometres, you are invited to explore as little or as much as you like. Located at the summit is Nurim Circuit – a 500 metre walk with impressive views of the region. Not for the light-hearted, Pilbeam Drive is a 5 kilometre one-way adventure providing fun and fitness.

9. Riverside Walk (Rockhampton)

Looking for a relaxing stroll first thing in the morning or late on a sunny afternoon? Let the gentle Fitzroy river breezes refresh your senses as you wander the paved walkways or Rockhampton’s Riverside, taking moments to sit and enjoy the views on your heritage walk. Along the way, turn your gaze to the road and see the iconic sandstone Customs House, revealing the Classic Revival period architecture which was all the rage in Rockhampton around the turn of the century. The walkway runs alongside the Rockhampton Central Business District so there is loads of fantastic cafes and great places to grab a coffee or bite to eat.

Don’t just take our word for it… your boots were made for walking! This winter find your escape and discover our region’s greatest treasures for yourself.

For a longer, more adventurous trek through our exceptional #SandstoneWilderness, check out the Carnarvon Great Walk – an 87 kilometre journey, venturing down deep, mysterious gorges before wandering along a magical plateau which locals proudly name the ‘Roof of Queensland’.

Drop in and see our helpful volunteers at the Capricorn Coast Visitor Information Centre, Ross Creek for more information on things to do to fill your winter days or visit www.visitcapricorn.com.au.

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