Radisson Hotels In Senegal: Dakar Deluxe ·

Radisson Hotels In Senegal: Dakar Deluxe

Occupying a privileged position on the prestigious Corniche, Radisson Blu Sea Plaza is one of Dakar’s most distinguished hotels. With easy access to both the cultural attractions of the city centre and the restaurants and nightclubs of the exclusive Les Almadies district, Radisson Blu Sea Plaza is perfectly situated to allow both business and leisure visitors to Dakar to make the most of their time in the city. Not that it is easy to leave the hotel premises; the chic ambience, high-quality restaurants, alluring swimming pool, and oceanfront location all do well in persuading guests that staying within the confines of this comfortable establishment may be a holiday in itself. Radisson Blu Sea Plaza‘s lively lobby is a meeting place for high society, government dignitaries, sports stars, and guests from around the world.

Radisson Blu Sea Plaza lobby

With a view to a future that is already here, Radisson has opened a second property in Dakar in the burgeoning district of Diamniadio (dee-ahm-nee-AH-dee-o), a new satellite city rising between central Dakar and the state of the art Blaise Diagne International Airport which opened in late 2017. A new stadium and convention centre already see important events taking place, and the impressive Radisson Hotel Diamniadio is right there to allow visitors to sleep close to where the action is. Somewhat less glamorous than Radisson Blu Sea Plaza, the property in Diamniadio is nevertheless a wonder of hotel comfort and efficiency, with immaculate rooms, friendly staff, and excellent bar and dining facilities making a stay here an enticing alternative for those travellers who enjoy a quieter location away from the city buzz while still having access to it. The international menu at Radisson Hotel Diamniadio‘s restaurant is complemented by the wonderful tastes of Senegalese cuisine prepared to perfection and served in generous portions. The hotel provides complimentary shuttles both to the centre of Dakar and to the airport.

Radisson Hotel Diamniadio restaurant

Radisson Hotel Diamniadio‘s swimming pool is a pleasant place to relax after a day of meetings or museums. West Africa’s most exciting city, Dakar is also one of the most overlooked tourism destinations in the world. With excellent air connections from virtually everywhere, it is a mystery as to why this vibrant and cultured city located in a beautiful setting is not more of a tourist draw. Those in the know already enjoy Dakar’s art galleries, museums, restaurants, and nightclubs; perhaps they want to keep their secret that Dakar is one of Africa’s most alluring destinations. Sights such as the IFAN Museum Of African Arts, the newly opened Museum Of Black Civilizations, and the giant Renaissance Monument are not to be missed, all in a lead-up to Dakar’s top attraction, Gorée Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where the island’s history as a slavetrading post is presented in a meaningful way on what is now a tranquil little island just a 20-minute ferry ride from the hustle and bustle of downtown Dakar.

Not that there is a lack of things to see and do in the vicinity of Radisson Hotel Diamniadio. Though the hotel presents itself as an airport hotel, it is a fine choice for a base for visitors who want to see the Lac Rose, the lake where a shimmer of pink can be seen when the sun hits the water just right. The lake’s high level of salinity makes it a place where workers extract salt from the lake bottom and pile it in tall heaps at the shore―an interesting sight since it is all done with human labour on a small scale rather than huge machines that would blight the landscape. Also close to Radisson Hotel Diamniadio is the Abbaye de Keur Moussa, where a church service combining Catholic and African cultures takes place every Sunday morning.

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