Natural Habitat Adventures introduces electric safari vehicle in Botswana

Natural Habitat Adventures has deployed one of the first solar-powered electric safari vehicles (ESV) in Botswana. The initiative was done in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund.

The ESV, stationed at Natural Habitat’s Gomoti Camp in the Okavango Delta, is a converted Land Cruiser that was previously diesel-powered. The vehicle can accommodate seven passengers and is charged by an off-grid solar array.

Ben Bressler, president of Natural Habitat Adventures, commented that the introduction of the vehicle in the Okavango Delta is a step toward reduced carbon emissions and improved game-viewing experiences. Its quiet operation allows for a closer connection to nature.

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He added that while solar-powered game drives are currently rare, he believes this initiative can set a new trend in the safari industry.

The electric safari vehicle requires only a few hours of charging to cover a 150-plus-mile game drive. This low-noise feature ensures that travelers can better engage with and understand the wildlife they encounter.

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