Ponant unveils plans for zero-emission cruise ship

Ponant plans to build a ship that will sail, maneuver and operate in port without emitting greenhouse gases. The company is targeting 2030 for its introduction. 

Ponant said the ship will derive some of its power through renewable energy, including the wind and sun, while using low-carbon, nonfossil energy through fuel cells. 

The cruise line is calling its ship the “SWAP2Zero” project, which stands for Sustainable, Wind Assisted Propulsion, Zero Emission Ready. The project’s goal is zero CO2 equivalent emissions that takes into account CO2, methane and nitrous oxide emissions. 

The 100-stateroom ship’s sail power and hull design will provide an average of 50% of the propulsion energy by relying on the wind, Ponant said. The ship would also use more than 10,000 square feet of solar panels, a low-temperature fuel cell operating on liquid hydrogen, a high-temperature fuel cell to power the ship’s hotel operations and onboard carbon-capture technology. The ship will also employ a new energy-management system to control and distribute power. 

Ponant joins Hurtigruten in planning a zero-emission ship to debut in the next decade. The Hurtigruten vessel is expected to cruise without sails and carry 500 guests.

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