Davenport upgrades accommodate cruise ship traffic

DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) — Davenport is making a million-dollar investment in a riverside park as part of an effort to get ready for an expected increase in river cruise ship traffic.

The Quad-City Times reports that the city has repaired the seawall and is extending the river walk and promenade that runs the length of the riverfront at River Heritage Park. The promenade includes a decorative walkway, lighting and benches.

The latest Mississippi River cruise schedule shows large passenger vessels from two cruise lines anchoring simultaneously next year along the seawall.

Davenport was a stop this year for boats from American Cruise Lines, including classic paddlewheelers and modern riverboats. Passengers typically get off the boat at Davenport and board buses for tours of Quad City destinations.

New riverboats from Viking Cruise Lines also will be anchoring next season in Davenport. 

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