‘Really beautiful’: Hidden UK gem two hours from London detailed by travel influencer

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Originally from California, Julie aka A Lady in London, made travelling around the world a career and documenting it on her Instagram where she has almost 170k followers. However, during the lockdown, she has been based in the UK.

Faced with the opportunity to explore the country, the travel influencer discovered some day trip gems.

She told Express.co.uk: “Within the UK I’ve done a lot of day trips because obviously, during the pandemic you couldn’t stay overnight, you had to stay close – so they became my go-to thing.”

“I found a fair few places that I hadn’t heard of, or hadn’t been to, or vaguely know about.”

Julie named Lewes as a top day trip location. The town, in Sussex, is around two hours from London and Julie documented the trip on her Youtube channel. 

A market town, it is known for Lewes Castle and Bull House, the former home of human rights advocate Thomas Paine.

Julie said: “The most recent one was Lewes, which is not that far from London.

“It’s actually really beautiful. I spent a day there and I absolutely loved it.”

Lewes is also home to the Glyndebourne Festival Opera, an annual opera festival held annually since 1934.

The Lewes Bonfire also takes place every year, where the town holds the UK’s largest and most famous Bonfire Night. During the evening 17 burning crosses, commemorating martyrs, are carried through the town.

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Flaming tar barrrels are pulled through the town and effigies are burned.

Lewes was not Julie’s only staycation recommendation. She said: “Last year I went to Hastings and that was great.

“I went to Deal on the coast of Kent and that was beautiful.”

“I think there are a lot of places people wouldn’t think of off the top of their head when they have the whole world to look at in terms of travel.”

Hasting, in East Sussex, is known for 1066’s famous Battle of Hastings.

Deal, Kent, is a seaside town, boasting the Tudor Deal Castle.

Julie, whose travels you can follow on Facebook, went on: “In terms of London, I got to parts of London outside of Zone One which I either hadn’t been to much or hadn’t explored at all.

“There was Finchley. There is lots of walking up there, and nature.”

Travel fans can follow Julie on Twitter, Pinterest and TikTok.

Another travel influencer also detailed her top UK staycation pick. 

Alex Outhwaite documents her travels on her Youtube and Instagram accounts 

Alex said: “The Yorkshire Wolds are maybe going to be added to the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

“I think it’s been 25 years since they added a new place to the list.

“They are so, so beautiful. The hills and valleys, it’s absolutely stunning.”

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