Cruise guest says cruising ‘takes the fun out of travelling’

Cruise holidays are extremely popular but that doesn’t mean they’re the ideal holiday for every traveller.

A guest “dyrkona” took to Reddit to explain why they didn’t enjoy either of the two cruise holidays they’d been on.

The guest said: “The ships were loud and crowded, and I couldn’t find any place to just be quiet.

“Even in the thermal suite, that I paid extra to get access to, I could hear music and had to wait for a chair to open up.”

During peak holiday season, cruise ships are usually very busy and guests may struggle to find a quiet place to relax.

However, every cruise line has its own vibe and some ships will only play music in nightlife venues.

The guest added: “You only get a few hours to get off the boat and see the destinations, which to me is the fun and interesting part.

“My time and money would honestly be better spent just flying to the place and sightseeing and getting a more authentic experience of the places.

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“I don’t think anything interesting or unexpected is likely to happen to you on the ship or any of the very touristy excursions, which takes the fun out of travelling.”

Although it can depend on the cruise line, passengers will usually have a few hours to explore each destination.

This means a cruise might not be the right choice of holiday for tourists who want to spend a lot of time exploring each city.

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However, guests will get to visit a lot of different destinations on a cruise which they might not have had time for doing it by land.

Guests that want a lot of exploring time might be better off choosing a river cruise as they’ll be able to see the land at all times.

Passengers usually have more time to explore each city as the distances between each stop aren’t as vast.

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