Cruise drama as guest angered by passengers’ ‘appalling’ manners

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The cruise guest shared a rant on Reddit where they said their “cruise was far from relaxing”. The disgruntled holidaymaker said it was their first holiday since before the pandemic.

They wrote: “The buffet and everywhere around the ship I noticed other people with poor manners coughing into the open.

“We went on an excursion and the same thing happened. It was a choir of coughs.

“No surprise I am now down with fever and cough and it feels like it’s in my chest. I feel rotten and I still need to fly home.

“I’m shocked and horrified at the lack of manners.”

They accused other passengers of coughing into the buffet and coughing over their plate of food.

Another guest agreed with the angry passenger, saying: “It absolutely boggles my mind that people can act so selfishly and carelessly.”

However, the majority of cruise guests thought the passenger’s reaction was really over the top.

One person said: “A cruise or anywhere with people is not the place for you. Blaming everyone else for your illness is not helping you.”

They said that people have bad manners in all kinds of situations and a cruise holiday is no different than a busy hotel.

Another guest thought that the cruise passenger probably didn’t pick the right kind of cruise holiday.

They advised: “I suppose it all depends on what cruise you take and when. If you are doing a Caribbean cruise in peak season, expect to be around far too many kids and horrible people.

“Alaskan or Mediterranean cruises, specifically edge of seasons, have many less children and fewer annoying people.

“There are still many that feel like vacation is a time where they can act like a**holes without consequences, which is sad.”

As with any type of holiday, cruise ships are likely to be busiest during the peak summer season and school holidays.

When the ship is quieter, passengers will have more space and won’t have to interact with other guests as much.

The passenger added: “If you truly dislike people, then upgrade to a balcony room or suite, pay the priority upgrades, pay the dinner upgrades, book the more expensive excursions and definitely book outside of peak season.

“You can thin down the herd and upgrade the people that you do get exposed to. Not all cruises are hell traps.”

Guests with their own balcony or suite won’t feel as much need to spend time in the public areas of the ship.

While upgrading to more expensive dining options won’t rule out the chance of being annoyed, it will mean passengers will interact with fewer people.

When it comes to hygiene, the majority of cruise lines have stringent procedures in place to prevent sickness.

Many ships have hand sanitiser stations and frequently clean public areas to ensure germs don’t spread.

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