Choose cabin near a lift’ for the best cruise experience

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When it comes to booking a cabin, cruise guests have a lot of different kinds of rooms to choose from. The expert team at told which room they’d recommend.

They said: “Choose a cabin near a lift or higher up the decks for easy access to most of the amenities, entertainment and dining venues.”

Mega cruise ships can have a lot of decks and passengers who are near the lift will be close to everything.

The majority of entertainment venues and facilities are usually on the ship’s higher decks making rooms near the top of the ship a great choice for passengers.

They also recommended guests opt for a particular type of room, saying: “The best views are from your balcony!

“These staterooms offer an outdoor view to the ports you visit in complete privacy.”

Balcony rooms are often one of the most popular choices and guests may need to move fast to secure one.

Although they are more expensive than interior rooms, guests will be able to enjoy al fresco living in the privacy of their own balcony.

However, the team said: “Not so fussed about your cabin location? Cruise lines offer guarantee cabins where they choose your accommodation for you, and it’s often cheaper!”

Guests who aren’t bothered about their cabin’s location could save on their holiday by choosing a guarantee cabin deal.

For the ultra luxury experience, recommends guests opt for a special suite on the ship.

They said: “Suites come with a whole host of extra perks, butler service, personal concierge, 24 hour room service, exclusive access to lounges and dining venues. These are ideal for special occasions and celebrations!”

Suite passengers are often treated as special guests onboard and may have exclusive access to VIP experiences.

The most luxurious options may even include a grand piano, a private slide or a huge terrace for guests to enjoy.

When it comes to choosing a cruise destination, the team had some more expert advice to share with

They said: “Book early to secure your desired destination as regions such as Alaska and Asia are in high demand for certain seasons.

“If you’re not fixed on dates, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean offer year-round itineraries so you can visit at any time of year!”

Alaska and Asia are often very popular during certain times of year and guests will need to plan ahead if they want to secure a booking.

The Caribbean is the perfect destination for some winter sun as cruise passengers will enjoy warm temperatures whenever they travel.

The team added: “Some cruises start in the UK meaning you don’t need to fly, though ports such as Miami and Barcelona offer chances to add on pre or post cruise hotel stays for an extended holiday.”

If cruise guests want to extend their holiday, they may want to book a few extra nights at the start or end of their cruise.

Holidaymakers may want extra time to explore big destinations such as Barcelona and could enjoy the city from a hotel.

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