Snoopy the dog found at airport after three weeks on the run

An adorable little dog, who went on the run from Hobart Airport after running away from Qantas freight staff, has been found after a frantic three week ground search found the cheeky pooch.

Snoopy, a two-year-old male Maltese mix, ran away from Qantas freight staff at Hobart airport earlier this month, leaving his owners “devastated” that they’d lost their little dog for good.

“Please help us to find our beautiful boy Snoopy,” owner Loreta Choobe wrote on her missing dog post, which circulated on social media.

Snoopy the dog has been reunited with family.Source:Supplied

Snoopy the dog went missing from Hobart airportSource:Supplied

It is understood Snoopy went missing after landing in Hobart on a Qantas freight flight from Perth. Once the plane landed and Snoopy disembarked inside his enclosure, his cage was put on the ground by Qantas freight staff.

“The cage was put on the ground in an open area and not an enclosed area,” Ms Choobe told 7News.

“The staff member opened the cage and unfortunately Snoopy ran out.”

Despite numerous ground searches and pleas on social media to help find Ms Choobe’s beloved dog, days and weeks passed without a sign of little Snoopy.

Ms Choobe said Snoopy was an important part of her family, as he provided crucial support to her daughter who has autism.

Snoopy the dog has been reunited with family.Source:Supplied

The little dog went missing after a flight from Perth to Hobart.Source:Supplied

“She likes to feel the comfort of his softness,” Ms Choobe explained.

“He is a very calming dog.”

Ms Choobe said she was disappointed in how Qantas had handled Snoopy’s disappearance, and that if it were a famous celebrity’s pet the response would’ve been far different.

“If it was the Queen’s corgi they [Qantas] would be running and doing whatever they need to do to find this dog.”

Lisa Green, who became the search co-ordinator to find little Snoopy, confirmed on Tuesday that he was “now safe and sound” after three weeks on the run.

Her post of the good news was met with celebration, with some saying the announcement was the best news they’d heard all week.

“What wonderful news,” one posted. “Well done everyone looking out for him.”

“This makes me so happy!” another added.

“His owners must be over the moon! Snoopy brought a tear to the eyes reading this awesome news.”

In a message sent to, Ms Choobe said her family were “overwhelmed with joy” at the return of their beloved dog. has contacted Qantas for comment.

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