TikTok user lists Australia’s top 5 fast-food menu items

Fast food. It’s the anytime of day meal that’s truly evolved over the past decade.

Once narrowed down to a bucket of fried chicken or a Big Mac and fries, the options of what you can pick up and throw down in a hurry are endless – and delicious!

But one TikTok user claims she’s uncovered the top five fast food options within Australia, but not everyone is on board with her curated list of winners.

Emma Cooper posted a video to her TikTok account, listing five fabulous feeds you’ll find at fast food restaurants across the country – but the winner, from McDonald’s, may surprise you.

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She listed the Chicken and Cheese from McDonald’s as the best fast food item in the country.Source:Supplied

No arguments here on the KFC potato and gravy.Source:Supplied

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“Chicken and Cheese … this is the reason I’m not vegetarian, it’s amazing” she explained of the rather unassuming burger, that literally contains a slab of chicken, a slice of cheese and a squirt of mayo. From our POV, the only win from this burger is that it retails for just $3.50.

Next, she lists an all-time favourite (and one we can totally get on board with) – the KFC potato and gravy followed by their $2 fries.

“I will literally fight to the grave about this … they have the best chips,” Ms Cooper vents.

“I don’t want to hear what you think is in the potato and gravy … if you’ve got tonsillitis get one of these baby’s.”

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Emma Cooper listed Frozen Cokes as one of the best fast food options in Australia.Source:Supplied

Not sure if coffee qualifies as ‘fast food’ but according to this TikTok user, it does.Source:Supplied

Next, what’s a fast food feed unless you have something to wash it down with? Within the top five, Ms Cooper spruiks the all time summer favourite – the Frozen Coke – as well as a drink from the other side of the spectrum – the 7-Eleven $1 coffee.

“Not fast food but Chargrill Charlie’s has the best chips,” one argued.

“Red Rooster potato and gravy is better,” another added.

“I stopped listening after you said potato and gravy is good,” another wrote.

Last week, one American woman now living in Australia made the bold claim that Macca’s not only tastes different Down Under but is also better here than in its country of origin.

Kaymie Wuerfel, a Florida woman who now lives in Australia with her husband, and has gained more than 133,000 followers on TikTok for her content pointing out the differences between her new home country and the States.

American teacher Kaymie Wuerfel has an opinion on our McDonald’s.Source:Supplied

Apparently McDonald’s food in Australia tastes better than in the US.Source:Supplied

In her TikTok video titled “Three things I’ve come to love in Australia”, Ms Wuerfel said she preferred Australian Macca’s to the American version as the “food quality” was so much better.

“I never ate it much in America because when you eat McDonald’s in America you genuinely feel like you are going to die,” she said.

“And I know here is probably not much better but it is so, so good.

“I’m eating those Chicken McPieces and downing my frozen Coke, the last thing on my mind is my health – which probably is a bad thing.”

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