These 'Lion King' Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania Will Show You the Real-life Pride Lands

Now you can see Simba’s real-life kingdom for yourself on “Lion King”-themed safari in one of the most beautiful regions on the planet.

In honor of the upcoming remake of the Disney classic, which opens in theaters on July 19, two luxury travel companies in Kenya and Tanzania are offering “Lion King”-themed itineraries to explore the lands and animals that inspired the films.

Starting in July, Zicasso will be introducing its “Family Safari: Pride of Africa” itinerary, an 11-day safari that takes you from the Serengeti to Nairobi on a fun-filled adventure for the entire family. The trip includes 10 nights at luxury accommodations, meals, daily game drives, four private tours, airport pick up and transfer, and local flights.

Guests will be traveling throughout Tanzania and Kenya with safari guides who are experts about the environment that inspired Mufasa’s Pride Lands, especially lions, and will be able to have some close encounters with wildlife including elephants and giraffes.

Stops include three nights in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the inspiration for the “Carefree Lands” where Simba learned how to live by “hakuna matata.” Next, guests will go to the Olduvai Gorge, the site of the wildebeest stampede and Serengeti National Park. The trip then continues to Nairobi, Kenya, where guests will stop at Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage and the Giraffe Centre, and get an up close and personal glimpse at the endangered Rothschild giraffe. Other stops include the Great Rift Valley and Hell’s Gate National Park.

Prices for the Zicasso itinerary begins at $5,625 USD per person, based on six people traveling in double occupancy. International flights are not included.

Original Travel is also debuting a “Lion King”-themed safari in July. This 14-day itinerary takes you through the Masai Mara, a popular safari spot to see the annual wildebeest migration, and one of the real-life inspirations for the Pride Lands.

Guests will stay for three nights at a premier lodge in the Mara, where they can get some personal glimpses at the real animals that inspired memorable characters like Simba, Zazu, the chattering hyenas, and more.

The itinerary involves two nights meeting giraffes at Nairobi's Giraffe Manor in Kenya, four nights at a luxury lodge overlooking the Laikipia plateau, and a final four nights relaxing on the beach. Some of the highlights for the journey include stargazing in the Samburu (just like Timon and Pumbaa), visiting Ndare Ngare Forest (where Nala found Simba), and visiting David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which works to rescue orphaned elephants.

Prices for this trip begin at $8,335 per person.

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