South Australia’s Flaherty’s Beach dubbed ‘most beautiful beach’

Finding an idyllic beach in Australia is no real challenge, given the country is surrounded by around 34,000km of coastline.

But one TikTok user claims they’ve found a remote beach dubbed the ‘most beautiful’ in all the land.

Sydney photographer Adam Rikys, however, has taken to TikTok to feature Flaherty’s Beach in a recent video titled ‘the best beach you’ve probably never heard of’ – and until now, we hadn’t!

The beach is a hidden gem in South Australia.Source:Supplied

One Aussie photographer says Flaherty’s Beach is the best in the country.Source:Supplied

The stunning beach sits near Point Turton, which is 232km west of Adelaide. With white sands and crystal clear water, it lures many to the hidden coastline each and every year – especially those who own a 4WD.

The photographer’s video – which has been viewed 78,000 times since it was uploaded online in early July – quickly drew responses and questions about where the beach was located and how to find it.

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“Went here after lockdown in November, absolutely gorgeous beach,” one added, while a third said how “amazing” it looks and another commented on how it is the “best beach in Australia”.

It has been described as a slice of paradise.Source:Supplied

The water is crystal clear and the sands are white.Source:Supplied

Earlier this week, Mr Rikys highlighted another spot he said was like the ‘Seychelles in Australia’.

The stunning natural formation – called Elephant Rocks – is 439km southeast of Perth, Western Australia.

Mr Rikys said Australians must “add this place” to their travel list for the ultimate slice of paradise.

The famous Elephant Rocks of Western Australia. Picture: iStockSource:istock

Currently, border restrictions are in place for parts of Australia due to the current NSW Covid-19 outbreak.

A hard border is in place with NSW for West Australia, South Australia and Victoria. Australia’s international border has been closed since March 2021, with expectation it will not open until mid-2022.

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