New Jersey IC tweaks favor travel agents

It appears that a proposed New Jersey law that changes criteria
for independent contractors won’t affect travel advisors.

In an ASTA member update, the travel agent group said New Jersey Senate president Steve Sweeney indicated late last week that he would
modify the bill he introduced, and the modification would be favorable to travel

Earlier this month, Sweeney introduced
legislation that would implement a stricter test to determine which workers are
employees and which are independent contractors.

New Jersey had proposed a requirement that independent
contractors perform work outside the employer’s usual course of business, which
would be problematic for independent travel advisors who are contracted by travel
agencies because both entities sell travel. (California recently enacted a similar requirement, but travel advisors received an exemption.)

ASTA said New Jersey will continue to allow
independent contractors to simply perform their services outside the employer’s
place of business.

“This is great news, and we wanted to say thank you to
everyone who participated in our grassroots campaign over the past few weeks,
which generated 490 messages to New Jersey legislators,” ASTA said in its
member update.

The Society will continue to monitor the situation in New
Jersey to ensure the final legislation is favorable to travel sellers.

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