Dumbest things tourists have done in Australia

Let’s face it, a trip Down Under gives tourists a raft of unknowns.

But here’s a few things foreigners should avoid while travelling around Australia.

Taking a selfie with a snake is a thing.Source:Supplied

Taking selfies with snakes is ill-advised

On an internet thread titled “As an Australian, what is the most ridiculous thing you have witnessed a tourist do,” poster Garry Taylor writes “Whilst viewing the 12 Apostles, I (and some other tourists) saw a snake on top of a bush. One of the other tourists turned her back on the snake and encouraged her friend to take a photograph of her next to the snake. It was a tiger snake – extremely venomous, and would kill her quite easily. She can’t have been more than a metre away from it. Maybe she didn’t know it was venomous, but I think snakes are like guns, they’re all loaded until you verify otherwise.”

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The Australian Government takes its quarantine laws seriously. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Gaye GerardSource:News Corp Australia

Flouting our quarantine laws

As Johnny Depp will tell you, the Australian Government takes its quarantine laws seriously. After all, we’re an island with unique flora and fauna, and it’s important to protect it. When Depp arrived in Australia a couple of years ago on his private jet, he thought he would have no trouble sneaking his pooches, Pistol and Boo into the country. He got busted, and he and then-partner Amber Heard made a faux-tearful apology via video link.

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Approach Aussie beaches with caution.Source:Supplied

Underestimating our beaches

Look, having the lifesavers from Bondi Rescue come and swim with you is an appealing prospect in many ways. But the number of tourists who get themselves into serious trouble on Australian beaches is genuinely alarming. In fact, migrants and tourists account for a third of drownings in Australia. So if there’s one bit of advice we’d like to give visitors to Australia? Swim between the flags.

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Don’t ignore the bright orange barriers on the road or the beach.Source:Supplied

Not taking note of safety barriers

One commenter on the Reddit thread wrote “There was an sand art exhibition on the beach in my town. A tourist climbed the ropes at the top of the hill next to the beach to get a better photo, and started a sand avalanche which obliterated half the artworks. It was in the morning too, so not many people were there to see the works before they were destroyed.”

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In Australia, don’t try and pay for your beer with US dollars.Source:Supplied

Trying to pay for things in American dollars … and then getting cheesed off when it’s not accepted

As user WreckTango wrote on Reddit “It doesn’t matter where I travel in Australia, there’s always an American trying to pay for something in US dollars.”

Underestimating the vast distances in Australia (and the inhospitable nature of the outback

One commenter on Quora wrote “there are so many stupid tourists going into the outback and breaking down and leaving their car. First rule in the middle of the Simpson Desert is do not leave your car. And have plenty of water and food”.

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Ok this kind of tourist makes us LOL.Source:Supplied

Getting out of the car / tour bus and taking photos next to the ‘danger, crocodiles’ signs

This happens quite regularly, apparently. Here’s a word of warning. They can come out of the water and walk on land. Just don’t stand there.

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Don’t underestimate the sun in Australia.Source:Supplied

Underestimating the sun

One poster on Quora wrote “I work at a pub on the coast, where the sun is brutal. If there’s someone in the beer garden without a hat or shirt on, you can usually pick them as a tourist … and you usually see them the next day, bright red like a lobster.

Pushing the limits to get that perfect cliff selfie

An alarming number of travellers step over safety railings at dangerous spots in an attempt to snap epic Instagram content. It can have deadly consequences. In December last year a British traveller plunged to her death at Diamond Bay in Sydney after trying to take a cliff-side selfie, and another fell to her death in front of her family in the Grampians in Victoria that same month.

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