ASTA urges travel advisors to contact legislators about aid coronavirus

ASTA has created an online portal
for the travel agency community to get in touch with legislators about
assistance in light of Covid-19’s impact on their businesses.

In its Travel Advisor Daily newsletter, ASTA called the
coronavirus “the biggest challenge our industry has ever seen, including 9/11.”

“There are a number of proposals being discussed in Congress
and at the White House to provide assistance to the travel industry and the
broader economy, and it is critical that we be a part of those conversations,”
the Society wrote. “ASTA’s staff and outside lobbyists are working nonstop and
doing everything they can to get relief for our industry, but your elected representatives
need to hear from you during this time of crisis.”

The online portal can be used to send an email to officials
or view their phone numbers and phone scripts. 

It asks that the government open any assistance targeted at
the travel industry to agencies.

It also lists things under discussion that would be of
assistance: grants targeted to small travel businesses, fully funding the
president’s request for $50 billion in Small Business Administration loan
authority and waiving or lowering collateral requirements, tax relief
initiatives, and funding for unemployment benefits.

“The more these measures are targeted at travel industry
businesses (including travel agencies), the better,” the message states.

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