You can visit Santa in Lapland while you’re in your living room this Christmas

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Christmas is less than two months away and one of the things on children's minds are: "Do we get to meet Santa?"

Although the festive period will be slightly different this year, thanks to coronavirus, Father Christmas will still be operating as usual.

In fact, back in October, the man himself wrote a Facebook message to kids telling them "Christmas isn't cancelled".

So now if you're wondering if you'll get to meet the big guy, you'll be happy to know that you can – but virtually.

Airbnb is launching a range of virtual Christmas events so you can still have a visit from Santa when he's in Lapland.

It actually works out quite good because it means you'll still maintain social distancing measures too.

According to a new report by the Fraternal Order of Real-Bearded Santas, nearly a third won't take part in actual visits this year.

But Santa Claus entertainers can take their special brand of festive magic online by becoming Online Experience Hosts.

Airbnb will even help them make a seamless transition to virtual visits too.

The best thing about it all is that you'll get to experience a visit from Santa somewhere other than your local shopping centre.

Guests can enjoy Santa visits from Lapland, Finland to Skyesville, US, and there's experiences to try out for children with disabilities.

Airbnb will also be partnering up with Santa Visits USA to offer even more ways of meeting Father Christmas this festive season.

It includes a holiday-themed bedtime pyjama party, a visit from Head Elf Buzz and even a Murder Mystery show with Mrs Claus.

We feel it's safe to say that Christmas might not be cancelled after all…

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