You can still your message mates on a flight even if you’re on airplane mode

A couple has revealed their clever travel hack that lets you message your companions while flying.

When you’re on a plane you’re told to switch your phone to airplane mode before take-off, and it's expected that you'll keep your gadget that way until you land.

Although some airlines plan to install 5G in planes in the near future so we can make calls from the sky, it’s not happened just yet.

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There are Wi-Fi packages available, but these can be very expensive.

However TikTok creator Hollie Mercedes, @holliemercedes, claims that there is a way to contact your pals or your partner while in the air.

Of course, they will need to be on the same plane as you – but, it’s handy when you haven’t paid to sit next to each other and are on other sides of the plane.

Hollie shared a video of herself and her boyfriend flying on holiday.

She said: “This is what to do when you’re flying with your boyfriend and he’s not sitting with you. I was a bit bored, I shouted across to Scott to unlock his phone and sent him a message on AirDrop.

“Cannot believe he sent me a message back I was like, ‘How does he know how to do that?’

“Then we continued having a conversation AirDropping notes back and forward to each other.”

The trick is super useful if you need to communicate but don’t want to disturb others by shouting or wandering around the plane.

Hollie added: “He’s saying that it’s a bit weird and the guy next to him thinks that he’s not on Airplane mode. So paranoid. Next time you’re flying with a friend or partner and you’re not together do this – it’s really funny.”

The video quickly went viral with over 8,000 likes and dozens of comments.

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One commenter wrote: “I didn’t know AirDrop works on airplane mode !!! Whaaat?”

While another said: "This is a very good idea.”

Plus, a jokester noted: "Just don’t accidentally send it to another person on the plane or that would be awkward.”

Next time you jet off give this hack a go!


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