Woman’s packing hacks go viral as she takes a month of luggage in carry-on

A travel influencer has shared her clever tips for packing an entire month’s worth of luggage into a cabin bag.

Becca, who has 16,000 followers on TikTok @beccapacks, often shares her handy tips and tricks for travelling the world.

She carries several important pieces of kit with her when she goes on holiday from an emergency medicine pouch to a “survival strap” hidden bum bag.

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But, recently, she banked a massive 50,000 views on her viral video after explaining she only takes carry-on luggage for a whole month abroad.

Becca was asked to show what she took with her by her fans – and explained she was travelling to Europe for four weeks with her small suitcase and a personal bag like a handbag as her only baggage.

In the video she said: “This is how I pack my carry-on suitcase for one month in Europe. I recently shared a video on how I selected and packed my clothes into two packing cubes.”

She continued: “The small packing cube goes inside my carry-on, the medium packing cube not seen in this video is in my personal item.

“I packed my water resistant Birkenstocks and I have a pair of dressier sandals that are really comfortable and easy to dress up or dress down.

“I use my two Beiss shoe bags as well as any other plastic bags that I have lying around to protect my shoes and to protect other things that I have in my suitcase. Packed all of my underwear into that little pouch.

“On top I place all of my toiletry bags and I fit in my other toiletry bags wherever they can.

“This pack is like doing a jigsaw puzzle. I shove all of my socks into any nooks and crannies that they will possibly fit in.”

Becca also put her bikinis in a ziplock bag and added earplugs, face wipes, sunglasses and a hair brush.

She noted: “I always start with the bulkier items first and then I fit in the smaller items wherever there are cracks and spaces.”

The TikTok user added a hair roller, a travel tripod for her phone, three bras and a LuLu Lemon raincoat.

She also had an emergency tote bag, an airtag – in case her bag is checked – laundry bags and extra sandwich bags.

In the caption, Becca noted: “Not including the materials I’m bringing for work activities, the suitcase is about 22lb (cutting it close to the Ryanair limit)."

The traveller also shared what she put into her personal item – a backpack.

She added a tote bag, medium sized packing cube filled with clothes, an eye mask, tickets, cash, power bank and universal plug.

Then, Becca added a wallet, cords, headphones, emergency pouches with medication and a pouch of chargers.

Becca clipped her AirPods to a clip and popped her laptop and iPad into a slot at the back as well as an empty water bottle.

In the comments, people were impressed.

One person wrote: “I have to travel soon and I'm worried over a week. You're exactly what I needed to see.”

“So organised and satisfying,” noted another.

A third said: “Very impressive! I’m travelling from Europe to the US for a month next week so needed to see this.”

When asked about security measures, Becca added: “I had my liquids separate. The toiletries pouches are for things like (mostly) dry makeup products, hair accessories, hygiene, etc.”

Have you got some clever packing tricks? Let us know in the comments below.


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