‘Woman faked injury to get my plane seat next to her boyfriend – I’m furious’

A man took to social media to share his frustration after being deceived by an “entitled” passenger on a plane. The incident occurred when the man was tricked into giving up his coveted aisle seat for a passenger who didn’t want to sit in the middle.

According to the man’s account on Reddit, he found the window seat occupied when he want to sit down. He sat in the aisle seat, leaving the seat in the middle empty. Soon after, a woman with a sling on her arm approached him, claiming that the middle seat was hers.

She pleaded with him to switch seats so she could have more room for her injured arm. Feeling sympathetic, the man reluctantly agreed and moved to the middle seat.

However, his regret quickly set in when he noticed the woman removing her sling and laughing to herself. “We took off, and to my surprise, she discarded her sling, revealing a smile on her face, and freely moved her arm,” he recounted.

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To make matters worse, the woman struck up a conversation with the passenger seated by the window, who turned out to be her companion. They proceeded to chat and pass items back and forth over the man, making his flight experience even more uncomfortable.

The man’s post on Reddit got various responses from fellow users. One user shared their personal policy of never swapping seats unless upgraded to a better class, emphasising the importance of having their correct seat recorded in case of an emergency.

They said: “I never swap seats. Unless upgraded to first/business. And even then I ensure the flight attendant records my new seat location. Should plane go down when they find my seat, I want them to know that it’s me in it and not some rando that I swapped with.”

Another user suggested confronting the woman and involving a flight attendant to rectify the situation.

The said: “I would have asked her to switch seats since her arm was obviously fine. If she didn’t agree, I would have asked a flight attendant to intervene and shown my booked seat.”

Another added: “The only time I switch is first class seat for first class seat so someone can sit with a travel companion if I’m alone. No other reason ever.”

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