Woman confronts passenger sending ‘cruel’ text about her on flight
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    When flying in economy there are lots of things that can get annoying – from fellow passengers pushing into your leg space to them taking off their shoes.

    However, generally speaking if you have an issue with the person sitting next to you it’s best to raise the matter with them politely or ask to be moved by a flight attendant.

    Not everyone in this world is polite though – a fact many of us know from observing people’s behaviour when we head on holiday.

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    TikTok user and mum, Mika, @ohmikayousofine, shamed a woman on her flight in a video after she spotted the cruel messages she’d been sending someone while on the plane.

    Mika videoed herself and the other woman – “Cathy” – while they were sitting next to each other waiting for the plane to depart from the airport.

    She then wrote: “To my in-flight seat buddy Cathy who decided to text her friends about ‘sitting next to a fat a**’ OMG’ on my BHM-ORD flight: make sure you turn your brightness and font size down next time.”

    Mika had sadly been able to read the nasty message about her weight on the woman’s phone screen.

    The video racked up a massive 229,400 likes and well over 4,000 comments.

    So, Mika addressed some of the questions posed in a second clip.

    The mother noted: “Cathy sent this text message and I immediately just went: ‘If you’re going to call someone fat sitting right next to you, you could at least turn your brightness down.’

    “And she looked at me and said: ‘You weren’t supposed to see that.’

    “And I was like: ‘Well you didn’t make it very un-obvious.’”

    She also added that the issue caused some miscommunication between her and the flight crew.

    Mika explained: “The flight attendant came around and said: ‘Did you think I was calling you fat?’

    “I guess she thought I was talking to her. But I said: ‘No, the lady next to me did though'. And she just went: ‘I am so sorry.' And I said: ‘Some people just have the audacity.’”

    Mika then told her followers that the flight attendant offered to move her to a different seat away from the rude woman.

    However, she declined the offer.

    Mika added: “I said: ‘No, ma’am. I’m fine. I’m going to sit right here, for the rest of this flight. Maybe Cathy won’t do that again.”

    In the comments, people were generally supportive of Mika and thought Cathy was “bitter, miserable and unhappy”

    Another woman said: “This has happened to me too! And the other woman wasn’t small either.

    “It’s so humiliating and demoralising.”

    A third noted: “I’m so sorry that you had to endure her negativity.”

    “This happened to me once and I cried for the entire flight,” said another woman. “People are cruel.”

    However others seemed to side with 'Cathy' and wrote: “Seat infringement is real.”

    Another added: “Airplane seats are TOO SMALL. It’s so uncomfy for anyone larger than a size 10.”

    What do you think of this situation? Tell us in the comments…


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