Cornwall: Kim Conchie says there is a 'perfect storm' in county

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A holiday in Cornwall is a staycation classic many generations of Britons have experienced. This year, however, the extreme popularity of the county has led to problems ranging from Covid to a housing crisis.

It didn’t help some tourists slammed the area as too busy and a rip-off.

A Twitter user named Connor said: “F**g mental how you can book an all-inclusive holiday in Greece for a similar price to a week away self-catering in Cornwall.”

Amid reports of a housing crisis brought on by holiday lets and tourists contributing to high levels of Covid cases, there has been push back against holidaymakers.

Last month, graffiti that told tourists “go die” was shared on social media.

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On a road sign in Hayle, near St Ives, graffiti saying “Die Emmets” and “Emmets r a cancer” (sic) appeared.

Emmets means tourists in Cornish.

This month it was stickers that popped up in a toilet block in Mevagissey, near St Austell.

One of the stickers said: “F***k off holiday makers. We don’t want your germs.”

Cornwall has been overrun by holidaymakers this year, and it has put a strain on the county.

Despite the graffiti, many holidaymakers shared their love of the holiday destination on social media.

Richie Anderson said: “Cornwall 2021 was a blast! See you again next year.”

And Don Johnson wrote: “Would highly recommend a holiday in North Cornwall.”

However, some tourists were also starting to realise the impact their holidaying was having on the area.

Paul Minshull said: “I have spent many a memorable holiday in Cornwall, it’s a beautiful part of the country.

“I have noticed though the number of empty cottages had increased, holiday homes I believe they’re called.

“Many local people I chatted to resent that fact and feel marginalised, forgotten even.”

The “forgotten” people of Cornwall were making headlines in the Netherlands.

David Emmett wrote: “The people being forced out of their homes in Cornwall due to holiday lets even made the Dutch TV news.”

Increased popularity has led many landlords to try and maximise their earnings by exclusively renting their properties as holiday lets, reducing local renters’ options.

Twitter user Brizo751 said: “Unbelievable what is happening right around the British coastline, great wealth and often vacant holiday homes tucked neatly along the picturesque shorelines hiding the poverty and deprivation behind them, Cornwall is an example of everything wrong with this country.”
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