‘We paid £1,000 to join the Mile High Club – the pilot gave us a thank you note’
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    A couple has explained how they joined the "mile high club " without breaking the rules on a commercial plane. Instead they forked over $1,300 (£1,013) to get it on in the skies.

    Caitlyn Rose, from Australia, shared the experience on TikTok after she and her partner boarded the Love Cloud plane in Lad Vegas. The cheeky plane offers tourists the chance the have sex while flying over Sin City.

    Love Cloud uses a twin engine Cessna 414 aircraft kitted out with a double bed, champagne and red satin sheets where they can make love with only the pilot aware of their raunchy activities. The planes have raked in a fortune helping couples tick sex in the sky off their bucket list.

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    In UK law it’s actually illegal to do the deed in a lavatory that is open to the public – such as on a plane. So, Love Cloud Vegas is a great way to get busy without getting in trouble.

    In the video clip posted on her channel @onlyrosie.c12, Caitlyn showed herself boarding the fancy cream plane in a short black dress. Her partner placed his hand on her thigh as they rose into the air.

    She said: "We found a plane that lets you do the mile high deed." The couple stretched out on the red double bed and showed the view from the windows.

    Caitlyn then showed herself throwing her dress and her lover’s belt onto the floor. She added: "It’s called the love cloud – we had so much fun! We even captured the memories."

    After the ride of their life (sorry – couldn’t resist) they got a thank you note from the pilot. The video went viral and thousands of people commented on it.

    "They call it the cockpit for a reason," said a viewer. While another added: "Sounds expensive for 30 seconds of fun."

    Another wrote: "Doesn’t count if it’s a private flight!" But, one more said: "No, I want to do it."

    One person even joked: "The pilot: why is the plane having some sort of turbulence." But, one Love Cloud pilot has actually spoken about his job before.

    Pilot Blake explained that there are all kinds of people who try out the sex plane from older couples to newlyweds and even swingers.

    He even flew two passengers "who had caught their spouses cheating — with each other," they then signed their divorce papers and met in Vegas without knowing each other. The couple even sent photos of their liaison to their exes.

    Each plane can handle 900lbs of weight – so you can fit two, three or even more people on board. Once you land you’ll get a Mile High Club certificate to prove you’ve joined the club!

    A flight attendant has previously explained that there is a best time for joining the mile high club on a commercial plane. While we wouldn't recommend it she says it's the time you're most likely to get away with it.

    Marika Mikusova has shared some of her top flight secrets in her new book, Diary of a Flight Attendant, and that includes some advice for those hoping to have a steamy session on-board.

    Marika wrote that it's the toilets in economy which are "by far the 'safest' place to join the mile-high club". She explained that the cabin is often "so vast" that flight attendants can't see everything – not to mention there are multiple toilets.

    She wrote: "It's more practical to use a lavatory that has only one door. Not the one in which the door has to "fold" to give you enough room to even step inside. Us flight attendants, we like to sit and chat in the galleys. Plus, we dim the cabin lights after each service, so that's the perfect time for… well, you know. You're welcome, by the way."

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