Warning to Brits still carrying red passport – as it may not be valid

A travel warning has been issued to Brits who are still carrying a red passport.

If you’re one of the few people who still have the original European Union's UK and Northern Ireland passports, you might want to check that your ID is still valid before you jet off on your summer holiday.

In particular, you may want to look out to see what validity is required on your passport depending on where you are heading to.

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Most countries require UK citizens to have either three or six months left on their passport before it expires.

A total of 70 countries have the six-month rule, while a further 41 apply to the three-month validity rule on the document.

Among countries that require at least six months left on a passport before travel are Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Qatar and the British Virgin Islands.

Meanwhile, countries such as Austria, Malta, Belgium, Netherlands, New Zealand, France, Portugal, Italy, Spain and more require three months of validity.

Travellers can check out the full list of countries with passport validity requirements for British passport holders on the Gov.uk website.

If your passport doesn't has the required time left for the country you plan to travel to, you’ll have to renew it.

According to Gov.uk, Brits should allow up to ten weeks to receive their renewed passport.

However, you should bear in mind that there are different turnaround times if you’re planning on applying from a different country.

Holidaymakers who plan a quick getaway can also pay to get their new passport sooner if the non-urgent service will take too long.

For this, you'll have to book a passport office appointment and pay online, with appointments available up to three weeks prior.

Those travelling for compassionate reasons who need to get to another country urgently for medical treatment, or to see a family member or friend who is seriously ill or has died, or those travelling for urgent government business should call the Passport Adviceline.

The advice comes after Brits were warned last month they will have to cough up extra cash to holiday in the EU from next year.


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