UK considers banning morning drinking at airports

The days of 24/7 drinking in UK airports could be numbered, with the Home Office launching a review into licensing laws for establishments in airport terminals.

The review could lead to a ban on alcohol sales in the morning at bars and restaurants inside airport terminals.

The review is in line with calls from airlines to crack down on alcohol sales before flights, following a number of arrests for drunken behaviour by passengers in recent months.

According to the Guardian, Home Office minister Victoria Atkins said drunken behaviour on flights is unacceptable.

Drunk passengers already face hefty fines if a plane has to be diverted because of their disruptive behaviour on board.

According to an investigation by BBC One’s Panorama, the UK has experienced a rise of more than 70 per cent in arrests related to drunken behaviour on flights or in airports, from 225 in the year up to February 2016 to 387 in the following 12 months.

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