TripAdvisor Responds to Backlash Against Fake Reviews

TripAdvisor is responding to recent claims the travel review website is not working hard enough to stop the influx of fake reviews boosting hotel ratings.

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According to, TripAdvisor United Kingdom director James Kay responded to allegations from consumer group Which? about the lack of action against “hugely suspicious” patterns of comments from contributors.

Kay said the website is working harder “than any other platform out there” to find users posting fake reviews and banning them from TripAdvisor. Despite the company’s efforts, Which? said 15 of 100 hotels examined showed signs of having fake reviews.

When presented with similar data in the past, TripAdvisor was forced to remove 730 five-star reviews for one hotel in Jordan. Kay said the information from Which? was nothing the website didn’t already have at its disposal.

“This is something we do every day,” Kay told BBC. “We have fraud detection tools that are far more sophisticated than those used by Which?”

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