Travel influencer’s top tips if you want to get paid up to £10k to go on holiday

The life of a travel influencer is one many Brits envy – you get to go on holiday multiple times a year, have thousands of fans and you even get paid to take videos of your trip.

But, it can be a difficult job to do with lots of time invested before it pays off.

Charlie Pauly, 31, from Peterborough, started posting about his travels on Instagram in 2017 and his page took off.

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Now, he has a whopping 278,000 followers following his account @charliepauly, and 27,000 subscribers on YouTube.

He has a passion for travel and goes abroad up to 10 times a year working with brands like DisneyParksUK.

The adventure traveller has ventured all around the world from California to the Philippines, New Zealand and Turkey making content for his social media channels.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Charlie said: "I’ve always had a passion for documenting life so even before social media I was travelling with a camera and filming stuff.

"As I travelled to more exotic destinations, naturally people became more engaged and interested in the content.

"As the following grew, opportunities started to come such as working with brands and tourism boards, so I soon realised I held value and could turn it into something lucrative!”

Now Charlie charges a minimum of £1,000 for a Youtube integration and Instagram can be anywhere from £2,000 per post – some even cost a massive £10,000.

The friendly vlogger wants to help other people follow their dreams and has shared his top tips for becoming a travel influencer and getting paid to travel the globe – so he's shared some of his top tips below…

Invest in the yourself

"Buying decent camera equipment is an investment in your business and will make a huge difference to the quality of your content. I shoot on the Sony A7iii which one of the most commonly used professional cameras for photography and videography. Also if you want those crisp Instagram stories try and keep up to date with the latest iPhone."

Find you niche/what sets you apart

"Are you aiming to be one of the top landscape photographers? Or are you more of a personality? Don’t try to overcomplicate things. Find what you’re good at and stick to it. Trying to wear too many hats will only confuse you and your audience."

Keep the algorithm happy

"It’s a constant battle for content creators to keep up with the unknown algorithm of these apps, so don’t get too wrapped up in trying to figure it out! However, what I will say is if there are new features – use them. Story features, reels etc. Chances are if a platform is rolling out a new feature then they will be pushing it, so get in there first."

Follow trends but don’t rely on them

"Nowadays on social media it’s all about trends. Jump on them, use them to your advantage, but don’t become a carbon copy of everyone else online. Make sure to keep pushing authentic content that YOU have created. Show that personality and most importantly what sets you apart from everyone else. Be creative!"

Be consistent

"You don’t have to be travelling 24/7 but it's still important to show up. It’s better to post twice a week consistently than to post every day for a month – then go missing for weeks at a time. Your audience (and Instagram) will appreciate the consistency."


"It’s great to concentrate on building one solid platform and putting all your efforts into growth there, but it all could come crashing down overnight. So as hard as it is, it’s best to try and create on multiple platforms. Think Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest. Most content can be chopped up and shared across various socials now so it makes life a little easier for you."

Stay Relatable

"Gone are the days of carefully curated images and picture perfect moments. This is 2022! Of course we will always see top tier marketing in high end magazines and commercials, but real people want to see real people! Social media is exactly that, where your average person goes to relax after work or catch up during a lunch break. So be someone you would want to check in on and be YOU."


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