Travel expert explains reason luggage may end up in ‘wrong’ place

Lost luggage is a holiday nightmare but unfortunately many tourists are affected by the issue every year.

Travel expert and founder of AirAdvisor, Anton Radchenko, shared the most common reasons luggage might go missing.

If luggage does get lost, Anton says tourists should file a claim with the airline that lost the bag.

He also recommends keeping hold of receipts for any replacement items purchased as the airline may offer compensation.

But why do so many bags end up going missing every year?

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Anton said: “Sometimes, luggage tags get smudged, torn, or lost entirely. If a suitcase doesn’t have a clear and correct label, it may end up in the wrong destination.

“The barcode on the label is especially important because it tracks the bag through the journey.”

Tourists can buy a luggage tag to put on their bag. It’s also a good idea to have a recognisable or colourful bag so it doesn’t get mixed up with another bag.

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Security delays

Anton said: “If a bag is flagged during a security screening, it may be pulled aside for a detailed check. This could delay its journey to the aircraft, and in some cases, it might not make it onto the original flight.”

Connection Confusion

He added: “Tight connecting flights are another common reason for misplaced luggage. If the time between flights is too short, baggage handlers might be unable to transfer all the luggage to the correct aircraft in time.”

Passengers catching a tight connecting flight should try to carry some essentials such as underwear in their hand luggage.

Loading errors

Whether it’s human error or a technical fault, bags might miss their intended plane if there’s a mix up at the airport.

Passengers can try to avoid the issue by travelling hand luggage only although this comes with its own difficulties.

Tourists will need to comply with the size and weight restrictions and may need to put their bag in the hold if it’s too big.

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