Tourists gobsmacked as they’re charged £438 for plate of pasta in France

A group of American tourists issued a warning after being charged the equivalent of £438.42 for a plate of pasta when on holiday in France.

Many of us are used to paying higher prices in tourist hotspots – but sisters Cassidy and Leah Armbruster were gobsmacked by the high cost for their single plate. The duo, who post about their travels on TikTok, @thevacationtwins, said they would have to "live and learn" after getting the bombshell bill.

The sisters, from Wisconsin in the United States, were in the south of France when they ordered the lobster pasta. They had chartered a yacht with pals and sailed it around the harbour for one day near the town of Èze.

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Located on the French Riviera in the Côte d'Azur region they expected luxury – but not the incredibly high price per dish. While ordering their meal one member of the party chose the lobster pasta offered on the boat.

However, they didn’t check the price and ended up being shocked at the 500euro bill.

In the clip uploaded to their platform, the sisters showed them collecting the large plate of pasta from a tender boat – that’s a small speed boat – and bringing it onto the yacht. The plate included lots of spaghetti and a half of a freshly cooked lobster with plenty of meat.

In the video, they wrote: "POV: Your friend orders lobster pasta on a boat and the bill is five hundred Euros." They added in the caption: "You live and you learn".

While filming their pricey meal they showed themselves pulling the lobster meat from the shell before tucking in. In the comments, people were amazed by the high price – and some criticised the cost too.

One person said: "Literally a lobster tail and spaghetti noodles on the side." Another added: "About 20$ in ingredients."

One commenter told the influencers to "negotiate" the cost – but she said this didn’t even include the cost of the boat to pick up the food.

Thankfully, the sisters weren’t left out of pocket as they said: "My friend paid before telling us the price." One holidaymaker commented: "That’s crazy i got the same meal on a catamaran in Santorini for 150 euros, y’all were robbed lol."

Others said that you could get the same meal much cheaper in Mexico and added: "Welcome to Europe." Some said they would have "fainted" at the cost while others noted that they were served the pricy meal on "paper plates".

Another wrote: "I had almost that much of giant prawns, clams, seafood salad, and salad on the coast of Portugal for about 20. left a hell of a tip for the waiter." Others said it was the "tourist price".

Either way it’s always best to double cost the price of things in a foreign country before ordering. It’s not the first time someone has reported extremely high prices while on a European holiday.

One tourist complained that they were charged an enormous £612 for four drinks and some food in Mykonos, Greece. The sum would leave any of us gobsmacked – but when it's unexpected it's even more eye-watering.

DK Oyster, in Platys Gialos, Mykonos, sits on the gorgeous Greek island and offers cocktails, beers and fresh seafood. However, it has come under fire before after a woman claimed she was charged £50 for a glass of lemonade.

Another couple Jessica Yarnall, 31, and Adam Hagaun, 30, claim they were hit with a staggering 800 euro bill ( approximately £710 ) for two drinks, four crab legs and a salad at a notorious Greek restaurant. And a third couple say they were charged £333 for a "quick snack" on their honeymoon.

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