Tourist left red-faced after making mistake when visiting the London Eye

A tourist who decided to take a trip on the famous London Eye was left red-faced after thinking they could see all the way to France.

The baffled day-tripper hopped onto the giant viewing wheel to take a look across England’s capital city.

But, from their 135m height they spotted a large metal tower in the distance.

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The holidaymaker simply assumed that they had spied the Eiffel Tower in Paris, reports the Mirror.

"Ten years ago I rode the London Eye and was amazed that I could see the Eiffel Tower from there," Reddit user sovereignsekte admitted.

"Today I found out that I am horrible with geography and instead only saw the Crystal Palace radio mast. I am now both ashamed and disappointed."

The eagle-eyed tourist could be forgiven for confusing the two structures, given that they're both metal, similarly shaped and tall – the Eiffel tower is 300m high, the mast 222m.

But, the main difference between the two structures in that one is six miles away from the London Eye while the other is 210 miles away.

On a perfectly clear day, you can see around 15 miles into the distance from the London Eye.

And, in typical British manner, commenters instantly took the mickey out of the confused tourist.

"What's the Shard? Isn't that the Burj Khalifa?" one person joked.

Another added: "I had a photo of me and a friend in front of the Spinnaker tower in Portsmouth. They put it on Facebook and one of our friends commented asking what we were doing in Dubai."

A third said: "My aunt's friend was convinced she could see France from Southend-on-Sea but it's actually Kent."

If you do want to gaze at France from the UK you can do so on a clear day by looking over the Straight of Dover – or of course, if the Eiffel Tower's on your bucket list, a trip to Paris will be on the cards!


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