Ikon Pass holders getting pandemic-related ski resort compensation

Skiers and snowboarders who had Ikon Passes when the ski industry was shut down by the pandemic are receiving compensation offers after the resolution of a class-action lawsuit.

Emails went out this week to those who lost a chunk of the season when Gov. Jared Polis shut down the Colorado ski industry on March 15, 2020, due to COVID-19.

In August, Denver-based Alterra Mountain Company agreed to pay more than $17 million in pass credits as a settlement of the lawsuit. A third party based in Philadelphia, Angeion Group, is managing distribution of the settlement.

“It has been turned over to this Angeion Group, who handles the logistical (details) of the settlement,” said Kristin Rust, spokeswoman for Alterra Mountain Company. “They are the settlement administrator. We don’t have anything to do with it. I do not know how that works, I just know that it’s been settled and Angeion is responsible for the next steps.

“Passholders need to contact Angeion,” she added.

The amount of credit available to pass holders will depend on how much they used their season passes during the 2019-20 season. Those who skied on their Ikon Pass only once that season will be entitled to a $150 credit. Those who skied twice will receive a $125 credit, and so on: three times, $100; four times, $50; five or six days, $25; seven or more days, $10.

Credits can be applied toward the purchase of Ikon Pass products for next season or the following season. They also can be applied to lift ticket vouchers. Attorneys in the case had argued that pass holders deserved refunds.

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