This Brand-new Hotel in Italy Is Home to the World's First Truffle Concierge

If your idea of a next-level return to travel is hunting for truffles in the northern Italian countryside, then we have terrific news: There is now a hotel in Italy with the world’s first truffle concierge. Casa di Langa, a 39-room hotel on more than 40 acres of vineyards and forested hills, just opened in the heart of Piedmont (a.k.a. truffle country). Piedmont is specifically known for Alba white truffles, which is why Casa di Langa is integrating truffle experiences into their wine and food-forward programming.

Guests are invited to truffle forage right on the property — they can go out in search of the savory delicacy with expert truffle hunters and their specially trained Lagotto dogs. Alba white truffles are findable from September to January, but you can also search for black truffles all year round. 

Once you’ve uncovered truffle gold on the Casa di Langa grounds, it’s time to hit up the on-site truffle concierge. The truffle concierge is dedicated to caring for your foraged truffles — storing them, cleaning them, and shipping them to your home through the appropriate channels if necessary. And they can help guests set up additional truffle foraging tours off property, or guide them through the famed Alba White Truffle Festival, which runs from Oct. 9 to Dec. 5 this year, celebrating the best of northern Italian cuisine.

Of course, there’s so much more to do beyond truffle foraging in Piedmont and on the grounds of the newly opened hotel. Set next to Le Langhe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and region known for Barolo wine production and idyllic, country-nestled villages, guests have plenty to explore within the surrounding areas of Casa di Langa. There’s also Sori Cocktail Bar and Faulo Restaurant on site, not to mention cooking classes and wine tastings for guests looking to fully immerse themselves in the culinary culture of Piedmont.

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